Application Maintenance Services

Application Maintenance Services - Application Maintenance Services (AMS) go beyond merely managing and optimizing overgrown applications. We understand just how much of your IT budget is being allocated towards Application Maintenance. With lean and mean being the way for IT investment, the organization focuses on the people, processes, technology, and architecture and eliminates time wastage and motion. A holistic approach that covers the entire gamut becomes essential especially for organization with global presence.

For organizations that are spread globally, it is a big challenge to manage diverse applications used by the different geographies and also to provide a uniform level of support to users. With different time-zones, languages and cultures it is even more difficult to standardize the process and retain knowledge. There will be a drain on the cost in maintaining redundant skilled resources in packets to manage these systems across countries. In case of legacy systems the demand for scarce skills will be more. Having a control over the cost without compromising on quality becomes a key challenge for the IT Managers. We first understand your business domain, technology roadmap, processes, and applications, then optimize and align team structures to deliver improved application support. With minimum downtime and volatility, your applications stay optimally geared to provide rapid responses to key change requests and business requests.

We at Abssoft have developed a process to handle these complexities of managing multiple skills and to deliver consistent world class support to our customers.