Testing Services


Now with software development lifecycles crunching and constant pressure to release products faster, Testing practices have become all the more critical to ensure application/product release on time, within budget and with the agreed level of confidence that will provide software quality assurance.

Software testing has evolved into a very mature discipline and is a vital business-enabling function within any organization undertaking critical transformation programs. Testing plays a crucial role in assurance activities, helps achieve lean IT operations, provides business enablement and controls the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With the need for more robust and reliable software, testing has become a vital part of the SDLC and a specialized function byitself.

Client Challenges

·Changing software development methodologies

·Changing technology trends

·Reduced time-to-market and cost constraints

·Increased cost of quality

·Pressure for business SME time

·Increasingly complex technical environments

Abssoft Testing Expertise

Abssoft leverages IT expertise to unearth software defect to bring efficiency and accuracy for testing services.

Abssoft's robust testing processes, specialized tools, and consulting expertise to enhance testing efficiency and precision, reduce costs and decrease cycle times.

Expertise on both the business and technical sides of testing has enabled us to create innovative approaches that deliver accelerated results. We use an established testing methodology and employ a wide range of industry-standards. The Testing tools we use leverage established methodologies to provide your organization with superior software quality, enhanced business readiness and real competitive advantage. Our end-to-end testing approach includes testing strategy, execution and management across a variety of industries and products, Abssoft’s capabilities extend from traditional system and regression testing to complex services.

ØTesting and Quality Assistance Consultancy

ØTest and defect management

ØTest environment management

ØProcess governance & change management

ØEnd-to-end testing frameworks

ØIndependent test and acceptance services

ØApplication and integration testing

ØPerformance, stress and load testing

ØRegression testing


ØManual Testing

ØTest tools evaluation

ØTest data generation

ØOn-demand performance analysts and architects to improve product performance

ØOn-demand capacity planning and sizing assistance

ØDeep expertise in proprietary, open source (e.g. JMeter), and third-party tools (Load Runner)

ØRepeatability of tests and results

Testing Types

ØLoad Testing

ØReliability Testing

ØScalability Testing

ØStress Testing

ØFunctional Testing

ØIntegration Testing

ØConcurrent User Testing

ØUser Acceptance Testing

Abssoft’s Automation framework (eTest)

A test automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts and tools that provide support for automated software testing. The main advantage of such a framework is the low cost for maintenance. The testing framework provides faster ROI through reusable functionality that can be implemented across array of testing tools.

The increasing complexity of today's product development makes the verification a time consuming activity, involving tremendous manual effort as well. Given the reduced time-to-market scenario, this puts extra pressure on the verification process. Abssoft brings a unique experience through Testing Framework an integrated testing approach and expertise in testing methodologies and automation.

Abssoft's testing methodologies defines consistent processes and a governance mechanism across all testing Business unit. Abssoft blends both BPO and IT experience in the form of functional test to bring rigor to the whole quality assurance to its customers

Abssoft guideline can be tailor-made to specific requirement in any domain, technology or specific type of testing.

Abssoft's Compatibility

·Web – based Test Automation Tool – Selenium and Sahi

·Scalable to quick test pro that can be implemented on a non-web based solution also

·Performance Test Framework – JMeter and Push-to-Test

·Quick Quality Test Process

Key Features

    Faster ROI through automation

    Ease of use

    Reusable functions

    Focus on customer business objectives with end-user's perspective

    Can easily be enhanced to support other platforms

    Fully automated verification environment for

    Executing test cases

    Validating and verifying data

    Reporting of test results

    Easy to detect bugs in design phase

    Testing starts right at the design stage

    Logging and report generation

    Robust test automation framework, extendable to various platform

    Cost per license (higher affordability)

    Reduce Maintenance cost

Key Differentiators

A comprehensive testing service that enables a structured testing framework with these key benefits

    Concurrent & remote test execution

    Customized reports

    Script-less Automation and Extensible framework

    Built over open source tools/libraries/frameworks.

    Support for sequential and concurrent execution on various browsers.

    Support for remote execution and monitoring.

    Supports Data Driven Testing (DDT), Object repository & Test results reporting.

    Selective Test Script execution, grouping /dependencies & Reusable functions